It is High Time to Prepare to Meet God

There is no denying that we are closer to the end of time than mankind has ever been before. And it goes without saying that everyone of us are one week closer to eternity for ourselves than we were when we last gathered on the Lord’s Day in this place. Time marches on, but don’t be the fool to think that things will always remain as they have always been, because God clearly declares a different reality in His message of the Bible. In the Prophecy of Amos, the prophet declares to Israel that they need to get ready to meet their God in Amos 4:12. In the verse right before that, he references God’s judgement on the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah with all of the wicked people in them. You will recall Lot lost some of his daughters to that judgement who remained in the cities with their husbands and they thought their father was talking foolishness about God judging the cities. The text kind of gives the impression that he had not been talking much about God before that. Lot also lost his wife to God’s judgment because she did not obey God’s command out of her love for the cities of sin and the relationships that she had left behind in them. Then we see Lot’s other two single daughters resorting to the perverse behaviors they had grown accustom to in the cities they grew up in and were influenced by over the years. I believe that Amos’ call to revival, repentance, and restoration to God’s glory is needed today for the same reasons. It is time to prepare to meet God because His judgement is coming to everyone in not too long from now. I fear there are many people in churches today that are going to face the judgment of God on the wickedness of the sin of this world because they see the truth of God and the teachings of God as foolishness instead of the truth that they are. I also fear that some who will escape the fiery judgment of the wicked in the world, will still face very real judgment from God because they have more of a heart for the things of the world than of the things of God and they disobey God’s commands to their own detriment in eternity. I believe that for every true believer in Jesus Christ, we do not have time to waste in leisure and laziness or slumber and silliness, because the Day of the Lord is coming soon and far too many are going to be caught off guard like a thief in the night. We need to be preparing for eternity every day. We need to be faithful to the Lord and His will for His children every day. We need to be helping others get prepared as well by declaring God’s truth to them passionately and truthfully every day. Our Salvation from this world and our presence in the sinfulness of it is nearer then when we first trusted in Christ as our Saviour, as given by God and recorded by Paul in Romans 13:11.