Investing in the Next Generation

I am blessed and thankful to have our guests here today from The Crown College extension of the Passage Northwest in Heron, MT. We are grateful for the ministry of Dr. Sexton, and the vision of Temple Baptist Church and The Crown College to bring students to the Pacific Northwest to see the need and hopefully gain a burden to help meet the spiritual need here in our region of our nation in the next generation of church leaders. The spiritual darkness is pervasive here in the Northwest, and there is great need for more churches to be planted and current churches to keep being faithful to the Lord in the days ahead as lighthouses of the Gospel. I am also glad that you are here to be blessed by their ministry with us and to bless them as we invest in their ministry experience while they are in here in the Northwest this semester. I am also thankful for the ministry they had this weekend with our teens and young adults in our church family. As a church, it is critical that we have a vision, not just for here and now, but also of the future and the next generation. We do believe that the Lord’s return is soon; however, we need to be faithful and keep moving forward with the Lord until He does return. We need to keep spreading the Gospel here in our valley and to the uttermost part of the earth. We need to keep our lives and our families living to the glory of God and keep investing in the next generation. We need to keep maintaining our facilities and ministry that we already have, while continuing to build for the future as well. We need to be faithfully serving the Lord ourselves, while training the next generation to be faithful servants of the Lord in their days to come in the future. I am thankful for my experience of ministry growing up in my home church and for all of the godly servants of the Lord that invested in me along my journey of life to help me be a tool in God’s hand today doing His work. I pray that God will use me and the ministry of His church here to do the same in the lives of our children and youth, to help prepare them to be tools in His hand to do His work on earth faithfully in the days ahead. Thank you for the part you have in what God is doing in this place and from this place to His glory here on earth.