Investing in the Future

This week Summerville Baptist Church is making a huge investment in the future with the ministry of Vacation Bible School. VBS has been a long-standing tradition of this church even from its inception back in the 1950s. Two ladies came as missionaries to bring the Gospel to the children of rural communities and that was the beginning of this church in this community. Ministering in the lives of children is vital for any and every biblical church because the childhood years are the time when most people trust Christ as their personal Saviour. It is also vital for the future of God’s work in communities by influencing the hearts and minds of children with the truths of God’s Word in their formidable years when Satan is seeking to destroy their lives with the deceptions of carnality. It is also vital in the fact that children today are the leaders of the next generation of families, communities, governments, and churches. Many churches have died or are dying because of a lack of investment in the future through ministering to children. All of our children’s ministries, including Vacation Bible School, are about the proclamation of God’s Word on a level of understanding and comprehension to have an impact for eternity in their hearts and lives. We communicate the truths of the Gospel, as well as Christian living, in order to reach the lost unto Salvation and the redeemed unto Sanctification. When we invest in the lives of children, we invest in their future not only unto the next generation of adults but also for eternity as they respond obediently to the truths of Scripture. When you give regularly or with a special love offering, you are investing in the future as well as this immediate time. When you give your time and energy in ministering, you are investing by being an influence of truth on our current society, on the future of society, and on the eternal destiny of human souls. When you communicate the truths of Scripture to another person, you are planting a seed that has potential to make a difference in that heart and life for now, for the future, and for eternity. If we as born-again believers merely live for today, then we are not being a true follower of Jesus Christ, but rather more of a follower of the philosophies of man and this world. Jesus invested Himself in making a difference in the world He lived in and into the future and all the way into eternity. If we are truly following Him, we will as well.