Investing in our Values

Matthew 6:21
“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.“

What we care about we value! This is true, and we can see it evident in so many ways. Jesus made this statement in His famous “Sermon on the Mount,” in which He is defining how His followers are to live while here on earth. Jesus wants our lives lived here to have an eternal impact on those around us, and in Matthew 5-7, He gives some very clear instructions as to how that should be done. When we think of treasure, we most often think of dollars. It is true that the things we care about most we invest in financially. Most hobbies cost money either to do or for equipment in order to do. If we are passionate about a certain hobby, we do not find it difficult to spend our hard earned dollars to use so we can enjoy our hobby. Why is that? Because it is important to us, and we find pleasure in it, therefore we spend our treasure on it. Our heart is in it so we put our treasure into it. When a young man is trying to win the heart of a young lady, he has no problem buying cut flowers that are going to die or gifts that may collect dust. Why is that? His heart is interested in her, so his treasure is invested in her. But I would like for you to expand your thinking in regards to the word “treasure” beyond dollars. How else do we invest our treasure into the focus of our heart beyond our finances. How about the treasure of our time and our energy? If we love something or someone, then we do not care one bit about how much of our time we spend in it or how much energy and effort it takes from us. Because we care about it, we are more than happy to in invest the treasure of ourselves, our time, our life, our physical energy in it. Our heart is there, so our treasure is there. We all know this is true because Jesus said so, but also because the facts of life bare this out in reality for us all. Since this is true, we really need to examine our heart in what it is focused on by examining our treasure and that in which it is invested. We need to seriously examine the evidence to see if our heart is being given to things consistently with what the Bible says we should love. First and foremost, God’s Word tells us to love God. Does the love we say we have for God really bare out in the evidence of the reality of our investment of treasure. Are we really investing our dollars in God and His work on earth? Are we truly investing our time in worshiping God personally and corporately? Are we honesty investing our selves and our energy in God by serving Him and advancing His kingdom work on Earth? And what about loving people? What about our investment in the people we say we love, such as our spouse, our children, our grandchildren, our friends, or our fellowman? Can we see the evidence of genuine investments of dollars, time, or energy? Or, even our value of human life? Do we see a real investment of our treasures in our valuing of the unborn, those with special needs, or even those advanced in years? God’s Word says it; the reality of life bares it out. The question is, “What does the evidence show in our own personal lives individually?”