“Investing in Eternity”

In the book of Exodus, when the Lord gave them manna to eat, He gave them specific instructions about how to use it. They were told only to get as much as they needed for them and their families for the day and to trust that God would provide it again the next day. However, on the day before the Sabbath, they were to gather enough for two days because God would not send it to them on the Sabbath. Previously, God had told them they were not to do any work on the Sabbath. This was about their needs being met by God and their trust in God to keep His Word to His children. When they disobeyed God and did not gather manna to eat, then they went hungry. If they gathered more than they needed because of a lack of faith, the extra rotted. Today, as followers of the same true and living God, we have been instructed in the New Testament with similar instructions that God gave to Israel then and for our learning as well. We, too, are told to trust God for our needs to be met. We are told to take God’s provision and use it to meet our needs and the needs of those in our care. We are also told to store up a bit of that to be used for another day, but we are warned against hoarding to ourselves the blessings of God. Rather, we are instructed to invest those blessings in His work on earth and lay up for ourselves treasures in Heaven. Many of God’s people are wasting the blessings of God by trying to store them up down here on earth; they are rusting, rotting, and going to ruin instead of being utilized for God’s glory in His work here on earth. What we do not use for ourselves each day and week should be saved for the future and also shared with others. Too many of God’s people are going to get to Heaven with nothing to show for their lives lived here on earth but the ashes of their time and resources used for themselves instead of for the Lord. God’s Word teaches us to use what we need to meet our needs, store up a bit for the needs coming up ahead, and even leave something behind for our children and grandchildren. But it also commands us to give unto the Lord through His church a tithe of all our increase and to give offerings above the tithe to His work beyond where we are physically. I challenge you to look at your checkbook and see where your heart is based upon where your treasures are being stored up. How much of Heaven is reflected in your finances? It is not my opinion; it is God’s Word. Join us tonight to examine this truth more.