Image Bearer of God

The Bible teaches us that we are created in the image of God. God declares we are to be witnesses of Him to the world as His image bearers here on this earth. Sin damages our ability to bear His image clearly; however, God’s grace through faith in Christ redeems and restores what sin damages in any who will come to Him. The Bible helps us see many different facets of of His image that we are to bear before mankind in our living of life here on earth. One way we are to bear His image is in sharing and showing His love to others. God is love and if we have Him in our lives then we should be displaying His love so others can see it in us. As we experience who He is in our lives, then we have the capacity to display what we have experienced unto others as His image bearers here on this earth. Living graciously, showing mercy, being kind, doing good, having patience, forgiving others, and being just and fair with others are all ways that we bear God’s image unto others. Being giving and giving generously are also ways that we can bear God’s image. God’s love motivates His giving to His creation and to His children. If we are going to truly bear His image, then our love for God and others is what should motivate our giving as well. God gave His only begotten Son to be the sacrifice accepted by Him for our sins. God also gives life, breath, and every thing needed for existence to all of His creation, even those that reject and blaspheme Him. If we are going to be God like in our living of life and our interactions with others, then we need to be generous in our giving of good things even to the point of self-sacrifice. Jesus left the glory and comfort of His eternal state in Heaven with God the Father in order to come down to earth in the from of physical matter as a human being so He could live among us as one of us and being tempted in all point like we are so He could be our kinsman redeemer and Saviour. If we are going to follow in His steps, then we will have to not be so focused on our comforts and conveniences in order to do things that are challenging and what others cannot do for themselves.