I Still Believe in the God of the Bible

The God of the Bible is not the same as every object of worship. If there are many objects of worship and they are all very different in how they are defined, different in their character, and in how they are related to, then they cannot all be the same. And if they are different, then we must figure out what is real and who is true. In the information that is given to us, there is one object of worship that stands unique from all others and is clearly superior to all others. People can believe whatever they want and choose whatever higher power they want; but for me, I still believe in the one, true, living, all powerful, eternal, loving, transcendent, holy, gracious God of the Bible. All the deities and objects of worship throughout history and in any culture have not been flawless except for the one true God of the Bible. All other objects of worship that man has come up with since the beginning have one common denominator, which is they have some kind of characteristic of man because man came up with them and defined them. Only the God of the Bible stands out completely unique to man in His perfect holiness and righteousness. To my understanding, all other objects of worship have some limitation of some sort, but only the God of the Bible is eternal, all powerful, and in need of nothing. Other objects of worship are understood as needing something from us; however, the God of the Bible needs nothing from us, but rather provides for us what we need from Him. Other objects of worship require something from their adherents in order to come into a right relationship with them or appease them from their cruelty. However, the God of the Bible makes it very clear that He made the sacrifice needed in order to be right with Him, have relationship with Him, and live eternally with Him. The God of the Bible does not want us to define Him for ourselves, because He knows we would have an image of Him like all the other objects of worship of man. That is why He has revealed Himself to us for Himself as He wants us to understand the truth of who He is in reality. To my understanding, most if not all other objects of worship are as powerful as our understanding of them, but the God of the Bible processes all power that never needs replenished all on His own regardless of what we think or feel about Him. We do not give Him His power, but we do need to experience the power He has in our lives. We need Him in our lives; He does not need us in His life.