I Still Believe!

We live in a day and age of constant change. Some of that change has been helpful in many ways, but other changes have been detrimental to our society, our families, and our churches. Since God does not change in His nature and character, according to Malachi 3:6 among other Scriptures, it is safe to say there are some other things that should not change as well. God’s Word is another thing that should not change since God does not change what is truth and His Word is truth. If God and His Word does not change, then there are things in our lives and our beliefs that should not change as well. The sad reality is that in our current stage of history and literally all through the church age there have been many church groups of believers that have been steadily adjusting their behavior and beliefs right in line with the changes of the world. As the world gets further away from God and His Word, so too do many churches and even religious people calling themselves Christians. It has been sad for me to watch the same things happen even among pastors who are adjusting in truths that they once held and now they are changed on or even completely opposite in their beliefs. Things that preachers once preached against some of those preachers are now even participating in. Too often people are letting the society or their own desires determine righteousness and appropriateness instead of letting God and His Word be the authority in their lives. The real question that begs to be answered by each individual is who is God and where do we get our understanding of God? When we become our own authority of right and wrong or acceptable and unacceptable, then we have become our own standard and in the place that only God should hold in our lives. Such as the wardrobe of the leaders of worship not having to be just like what is described in the Old Testament. While at the same time realizing that worship is still to be a special event that dressing appropriately for should never change. There are some things in life that are styles or preferences that can change without violating any thing that is holy and honoring to God. However, there are many things that are covered in Scripture that are truths that transcend time, and we as true followers of Christ should never change on those things. For example, who Christ is and what He has done so we can spend eternity with Him in Heaven. This series will take a look at truths I still believe and do not plan on changing on until I get to Heaven. I trust God will use it in all of our lives to help us be steadfast with Him and His Word.