In this manifestation of God identifying Himself to us mortals, we can understand many important truths about Biblical Theology versus man-made dogma. We see that God is self-existing and eternally present tense, which is not the god that many religions of man are propagating in their buildings from their prognosticators. It is critical for any person to truly know the God of the Bible if they think they are going to make it to the Heaven that is described in the Bible. If we do not have the eternal God, then we do not have the God of the Bible.  If we do not have the Christ that has existed eternally as the everlasting God who became flesh to die for us, then we do not have the Christ of the Bible that is the only eternal Saviour. If we do not have the literal, preserved Word of God given to us and kept for us by God, then God is not true in what He has said in His Word. If we must earn our way to Heaven and it is capable for us to be good enough if we try hard enough, then why did Jesus need to suffer on the cross for us? The facts are, if our theology is not accurate according to the Bible, then our eternity will not be as it could be for any of us. If what we are calling Salvation does not line up with what the Bible says, then we will not spend eternity with God in Heaven. If the one we call God that we worship is of our own making, then we do not know the true God of the Bible, and therefore, will not spend our eternity with Him in His home in Heaven. If we do not believe in the Jesus of the Bible, then we do not have the Salvation of the Bible and, therefore, will not be accepted by the true Jesus into His eternal home in Heaven. Sadly, there are many religious organizations calling themselves churches that either want to diminish the significance of Bible doctrine or are teaching things contradictory to Bible as their doctrine and both of these actions are eternally detrimental to those who are believing what is being proclaimed in those places. Here in this church our ultimate goal is to honor God by following His Word in what we believe and what we do as a church. Those two realities are not feasible without adhering strongly to the truths declared in the Bible as truth, in other words doctrine. This year, in our preaching of our theme, “I am because of I AM,” we are going to refresh ourselves in who we are as a church and what we are here to do so that everyone can make sure they are doing their part in helping achieve those goals collectively as a church body. I hope you will be a regular part of this journey in God’s Word.