I AM Speaks Truth

For our Wednesday Prayer Meeting Bible study, we are currently in a series titled “Learning from the Master Witness.” In that study, we have seen in several Scriptures that a true witness must speak truth to others like Jesus did. This past Wednesday, we saw how Jesus convinced John the Baptist to baptize Him because it was the will of God for them both. Jesus spoke truth to John and John agreed with God’s will. In that lesson, we learned much doctrinal truth in regards to what Scriptural Baptism is and what it is not, because of the truth spoken by Jesus and the example set by Jesus. This coming Wednesday, we will see how I AM spoke against evil in His day, which is exactly the example of Jesus we need to be following in our day. The misguided teaching of lifestyle evangelism is not only not biblical it is not the example set by our Master Jesus. Jesus spoke truth and, if we are going to follow His example in our day, we need to speak truth in love as well. In love for the Father in Heaven, in love for the eternal Word of God, in love for our fellowman, and in love for our Saviour who sacrificed Himself for our sins. We need to speak up with truth to our lost friends and loved ones. We need to speak up with truth against the false teaching of unbiblical churches, and we need to speak up with truth against the evil of our day no matter who is doing it. I agree that we need to be living the truth we are proclaiming, but we need to be proclaiming the truth that has the power to change lives so they can hear it and see it to be impacted by it. Too many of God’s people are complaining about the sins of others while comfortably accommodating the sin in their own life, which is hypocrisy and invalidates the authenticity of our witness. There is a famous quote that has been attributed to the Irish philosopher and statesman of the 18th century Edmund Burke who studied at Trinity College of Dublin. The quote has been stated as, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I have used that quote as well as many preachers and even politicians such as John F. Kennedy. However, according to Reuters Fact Check in an article released on August 9, 2021, the quote is a little different and is credited to a speech in 1867 by the British philosopher John Stuart Mills as he said it this way, “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” Both are true and both are relevant to our age as to any period in history. If we want to help Satan in his promotion of evil, then keep quiet. However, if we want to follow the example of Jesus and help in His plan for this world, then we need to speak out against evil, be engaged in our society, and speak truth in love.