I AM is the Bread of Life

I am not sure about you, but one of my favorite things is homemade bread or rolls or cinnamon rolls or caramel rolls with pecans on them. Bread is an amazing form of nutrition especially when you slap some real creamy butter on it. Now that I have your attention and your mouth is watering, I would like to talk to you about something even better. Jesus is the Bread of Life. Jesus is the source of life, true life, spiritual life, and eternal life. In our natural condition, every human being is a sinner who is spiritually dead, and it is the Bread of Life that nourishes us with spiritual life. Left to ourselves, we would all spend eternity separated from God in Hell, but the Bread of life gives to us eternal life when we receive Him into our life by faith in Him as our Saviour. The Bread of Life offers satisfaction to our hungry soul that is longing to be filled from its emptiness due to the bondage of our sin nature. Smelling bread cooking is wonderful and may even make your mouth water, but the only way to actually taste the flavor and enjoy the benefits of the bread is to actually eat it personally. Someone else can tell you what it tastes like to them and try to describe it for you, but until you eat it for yourself your taste buds will not send signals to your brain to make you experience the enjoyment of it personally. The same is true for the Bread of Life; Jesus Christ must be received into your life and soul by trusting in Him and His forgiveness to cleanse you of your sins before you will ever experience it personally. When we witness to someone, we are sharing with them the experience that we have enjoyed when we partook of God’s forgiveness by receiving His Son as our Saviour. We are sharing with them what we have enjoyed by trusting in the Lord, but they will not truly know it until they trust Him for themselves and He becomes their Saviour. Jesus is the Bread of Life and He alone is able to give us what our soul is in desperate need of.