I AM is Love

This month we are going to focus on I AM as being love and being loving to us and our identity as being loved by Him. The reason God loves is because He is love. It is not merely what He does as a verb, nor is it only a description of Him as an adjective; it is who He is in His being and essence. The truth of John 3:16 regarding God loving the world in sending His Son is true because this action was motivated by the reality of who God is as stated in First John 4:8 & 16, “God is love.” If God was merely Just & Holy, He might have no problem condemning us to eternity in Hell for the simple reason of breaking His law as the Creator of us all and the Giver of His law. As our Judge, our Creator, and the sovereign Ruler over His creation; He would have every right to hold us completely liable for our wickedness and rebellion against Him offering us no means of redemption. However, we should all be thankful that God is more than the Just and Holy One as our Creator God, but He is also love and, therefore, He is loving and gracious and kind and merciful. It is the fact that He is love that causes Him to be loving and, therefore, manifest His love towards His creation. Because He is love and therefore loving, He is also patient with His creation in drawing us to benefit from His grace, mercy, and love through the forgiveness that He offers to us by faith in His Son’s sacrifice for our sins. God is love and in His love He offers His love to us to experience it in our own lives personally and individually. He offers us the opportunity to belong to Him forever, to find rest for our souls in relationship with Him, and to enjoy security in our relationship with Him so much so that nothing can separate us from possessing His love in us. Because of the fact that God is love, He not only chose for all who trust in His Son as their Saviour to experience His love in their own lives, but He also chose for us to be the displayers of His love here on earth to other people around us. God has chosen for His love benefactors to also be His love disseminators. He has called us to experience His love so that we can express His love to those around us. The lost people of this world need to see God’s people loving each other and loving them. Loving others does not mean that we always agree with each other nor that we do not have differences of views on issues, but it does mean that we still show compassion and appreciation for those we differ with because we love them as another person created in the image of their Creator. Since God is love, He is loving, and if we are His children we should be too.