I AM is Essential for Resurrection Life

HE IS RISEN! Just as He said He would do, He has truly done. Just as was prophesied He would do, He has done. Without the resurrection being a reality, then the Christian Faith falls apart. If Satan truly wanted to destroy the Christian Faith all he had to do was produce a corpse, but he could not because Jesus did rise from the grave as He said He would. The religious leaders of the Jews tried to discredit the resurrection and even tried to keep it from happening, but they could not because no power is greater than God’s power. The deity of Jesus is settled in the resurrection. It is amazing to me how many religions of man acknowledge the resurrection of Jesus and yet still disbelieve the deity of Jesus.  If He rose from the grave, He is God. If He is worthy of worship, He is God. If He is not God, then He is not good and should not be worshipped at all. But He is GOD and He is truly worthy of our worship, our faith, and our obedience as God. The resurrection has been attacked and discredited and doubted since it happened, but it has never been disproved. The resurrection of Jesus is one of the fundamentals of the Biblical Christian Faith, and we will be looking at them all later this year in a series of sermons. Something that is fundamental is essential to making up what anything is. There are certain ingredients that are essential to making a certain type of food and without them you will not produce the desired outcome. The same is true for the fundamentals of the faith. If you remove or alter any of them, you do not have Biblical Christianity. All of the religions of man have alterations to one or more of the fundamentals of the Biblical Christian Faith and, therefore, are no longer what God gave, but rather what man has made. What is fundamental to faith, or chemistry, or a nation, or anything is not optional or secondary; it is essential, foundational, and necessary. According to I Corinthians 15, our resurrection life is directly dependent on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave. Since Jesus did rise again, then the life He gives to us in Salvation is eternal life and is resurrection life; therefore, we have assurance of our resurrection and receiving a glorified body similar to the glorified, resurrected body of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Lazarus was risen, but died in the future because he was still in his fleshly body. Jesus rose from the grave defeating death, sin, and the grave to never die again and to offer us His eternal life in us by faith in Him.