I AM Deals with Everyone Equally

We are truly living in the last days, just as the Bible describes them in His Word. We are living in the day of everything being backwards, opposite, and upside down worse than ever in many ways. We are living in the days that Isaiah referenced in Isaiah 5:20 when people “call evil good, good evil”, and that is exactly where we live today. When deceived people say the Bible should not be in public schools, but it is okay to promote sexual perversions. When a coach has to fight litigation all the way to the US Supreme Court before finally being advocated for being fired over leading willing participants in prayer after football games, but teachers are applauded for being loud and proud over their unbiblical sexual behaviors that God calls an abomination. We are living in a day when people are redefining everything from marriage to gender identity and even a simple word like equity. For all of our lifetimes, this word has basically been equivalent to equally, but now it means showing preferences to certain people over other people because liberals and progressives say it should be so. We are hearing politicians say everything is great and getting better when it is as clear as the nose on your face that it is exactly the opposite of reality. Laws are being created to make it harder for law abiding citizens to get guns legally, but not enough is being done to hold criminals accountable for their crimes. However, no matter what anyone says today, God has the final say in eternity and everyone will stand before Him for their final judgement and He deals with everyone the same. With God and His Word, equal still means equal and always will, and He deals with everyone the same. Evil is still evil with God and what He said was sin will always be sin. It will not matter who you are or how much influence you may have or how persuasive you may be or how convinced you are that you should have it your way, God will be true to what He has stated in His Word and everyone will be judged for the same things the same way. He will not change regardless of how progressive society continues towards self-destruction. The people in this world need to realize that there is a God, and it is not mother nature; there is truth, and it is not relative; and there are only two real eternal destinations, and there is only one way to change yours from Hell to Heaven. I would advise each of us here today to do things God’s way and follow His Word in order to spend eternity with Him in His Heaven, so we are not deceived by Satan to do it our own way and find out too late that we were wrong.