I AM Changes Who We Are

One of many differences between Biblical Christianity and the manmade religions of this world is that of how you enter into relationship with the deity being worshipped. All of man’s religions teach that you do the work of becoming who you should be in order to be accepted by the one being worshipped. The religions of man help you with education, training, and support to help assist you in becoming who you should be and could be with their deity. However, what the Bible teaches about the true and living God who is the eternal God and Creator of all things, is very different. The Bible declares a relationship with God that has been made possible by God Himself for you to receive as a gift by faith and not by your efforts of good, religious works. The Bible clearly declares that He has done the work for you and He alone is able to do the work in you of entering into His family forever. He alone paid for your sins and only He can cleanse you of your sins. In fact, everyone of your sins is against Him and you need His forgiveness more than anyone else’s forgiveness to be in a right relationship with Him. Not only does the true God make it possible for you to be His child, but He also makes the changes in you to help you live as His child as you walk with Him. He produces faith in you through you hearing His Word and only He can grow your faith in Him as His child the same way-through His Word working in you. The closer you draw to Him and depend on Him in your life, the more you experience His working in you to change you to reflect more of who He is in you. When you trust in Him and receive His forgiveness that He made possible for you, then His holiness enters in you to make you His child, and as you walk with Him His holiness grows in you to conform you into His likeness. The same is true in our physical family. None of us made ourselves be conceived in our mother, but rather our parents did that. Even in adoption, the child does not make themselves adopted into a family for themselves, but rather the court declares it to be so legally on behalf of those willing to receive it. Before salvation, we are all lost in sin and incapable of changing it ourselves. But when we receive God’s gift of forgiveness provided for us in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection; then God makes us His child eternally and enters into relationship with us forever. God changes our lost condition into being born again in Christ, not us. God changes us by placing His Holy Spirit into us, sealing us as His child forever, not us. God changes who we are and whose we are, not us. We just agree with Him about our need of Him to do it for us by faith.