I AM Alone Can Make Us Know We Are Truly Free

God wants His children to be confident in their relationship with Him as their Father and in their identity as His children by faith in Christ. God makes this clear in many Scriptures, such as in     I John 5:13, where He says that He has given us His Word to help us know that we have His eternal life in us by faith in His Son, Jesus Christ as our Saviour. In our text today, Jesus uses the phrase “free indeed” to speak of how confident we can be in our relationship with Him. The truth of God’s Word helps us to be free and to know that we are fully free from the bondage of sin and Satan. God’s Word help us to know that we are completely and forever free from Satan’s dominion in our life by being a child of God by faith in His Son as our Saviour. Only God can do this for us. Only His Word can make this possible for us. Only Jesus Christ has made this possible for us. We could never have such a reality in our lives or confidence in our connection with God on our own efforts of self-righteousness. Religion cannot give us the kind of relationship that God describes in His Word and Jesus spoke of to His followers. The truth of God in His Word speaks very differently about the kind of relationship He wants with people who put their faith in His Son than most of the preachers in pulpits in many of the religions on earth today. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can truly cleanse us of our sins to make us right with the Holy God of Heaven. God declares that only genuine faith based on the truth of God’s Word can make eternal life possible for sinners like we all are in our natural condition. God’s Word being in us by us spending time in it by personally reading it or listening to it being read, taught, or preached is the only thing that will help us to be faithful to our Heavenly Father until He takes us to Heaven. God tells us in Ephesians 1 that He seals us as His children with His abiding Holy Spirit living within us in our soul to be His guarantee that He will come for us and take us home to Heaven to live eternally with Him. The religions of man cannot give us God’s Spirit and, therefore, cannot give us this kind of confidence in our relationship with God as our Heavenly Father by the way He declared to be true indeed. God’s plan is the best plan for all of mankind. God’s salvation is the only thing that will cleanse us of our sins. God’s Son is the only Person that makes all of this possible for anyone who will truly trust in Him alone. God’s Word is the only place where we truly discover God’s truth regarding living life on Earth with His blessings and spending eternity with Him in Heaven.