“How Should We Then Live?”

This is a question that became the title of a book and documentary that was published in 1976. It was the work of theologian Francis Schaeffer, who wrote it based on research of our society shifting from a Judeo-Christian ethic of morality where God and His Word is the standard of moral truth to the no absolute moral value relativism of society in the mid-seventies. He examines the changes in humanity in the areas of philosophy, science, and religion and how those changes have affected culture. However, the answer to this question for any and every believer is that we need to not let the culture dictate how we live, because we will answer to the God of the Bible. Just like all of mankind, whether they want to agree or not, we will all stand before the judgement of the Lord in eternity and give an answer to Him for what we believed and how we lived in this life. Each one of us will answer for ourselves to God for our own lives; therefore, we need to have very good reason for what we believe and how we live. We cannot let culture and society make these decisions for us, because we will answer for ourselves. We will not be able to blame our lives or our beliefs on culture; we will be personally accountable for ourselves to God. God has given us His Word to help us in our preparation for our accountability to Him. It is imperative that we are students of His Word, so we know how best to exercise faith and live life in preparation for our judgement before the Lord. The only way to be properly prepared for this accountability is to be obedient to what God’s says in His Word to have a right relationship with Him. If you do not know what His Word says about having a right relationship with Him, then it is safe to say that you are probably not prepared to meet Him yet. The only way to be sure you are living in obedience to His Word is to know what His Word says about living life His way here on earth. If you do not know what His Word says about how God wants His children to live life here on earth, it is probably safe to say that you are not living that way very consistently. The choices we make about where to attend church come into play here very critically. Your enjoyment of being entertained or impressed by a church’s music or programming is not nearly as important as the Bible content of the messages being preached and taught when you examine it by how the church is preparing you for your accountability. The performance of ministry in a church will not be nearly as important to any believer on judgment day as the biblical accuracy of the church we unite with will be. What we believe really matters most, because what we believe determines how we live, and our beliefs that dictate our living is exactly what we will give account to God for in eternity. So, the church we attend, the people we are influenced by, along with our own time in the Word is what will shape our beliefs and direct our lives, so it is important we make good decisions about these critical matters in life.