How Great Is Your God?

We sing the children’s song every once in a while, that says, “My God is so Great! So strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do.” I fear sometimes we do not pay good attention to the songs we sing. I do believe the lyrics of this song, and I do believe that the Bible supports these words to be true. However, if we really believe that our God is so great, then why are so many of us not telling others about how much they need Him in their lives? If we truly believe God is so great, then why do we put our own desires, entertainment, or even hobbies ahead of Him on the day that is dedicated to celebrate His greatness? If we truly believe God is great, then why do we let the disappointments of life or even of other people cause us to neglect worshipping Him? If we really believe God is so great, then why do we not trust Him more instead of taking things into our own hands or letting fear control us into despair? Unfortunately, most here today missed out on a message about the greatness of God from Psalm 91. It was about how choosing to be in God’s presence should enable us not to be afraid of anything or anyone. I think that if more Christians really believed that their God was so great then churches would be fuller, people would live more obediently to what the Bible says, and the power of God would be experienced more in the lives of His children. If we really believed in the greatness of God and the power available to us from this great God through prayer, then we would have more people engaged in prayer ministries. I believe that God is great just like the Bible declares. I believe that His worship is to be the greatest priority of all of His children. I believe that God is great and is worthy of being trusted and obeyed over any and every one including the government. I believe that God is great enough to have created everything that was created in the entire universe in six literal days just like the book of Genesis says. I believe that God is great and that He has everything in His control and His timetable is right on schedule for eternity and the last days of this world’s history. I believe that the God of the Bible is great enough to bless America with revival like what is taking place in other countries if His people will just believe Him, seek Him, and honor Him with their lives. I also believe that each of us will give account of our lives to this great God.