How Are You Voting?

We all have our varying levels of questions and doubts about the past election. I am praying that some of the few decent politicians will keep pressing for investigations and making clear the corruptions that took place so they do not happen again, while at the same time successfully stop the next horrendous Pelosi leftist bill of HR1, deceptively called the “For the People Act” that will corrupt our elections completely and legally but not constitutionally. Senator Mike Lee of Utah said it is a bill “written in hell by the devil himself.” However, that is not the voting I am talking about today. I am talking about the voting you and I do every day by how we live as a child of God and as a citizen of our nation. Every time any of us do not speak up against tyranny, injustice, socialism, or corruption, we are by default voting for it to keep on happening. Every time we choose not to bother with calling our elected officials to voice our position, we are voting for the status quo. Every time we give into the vocal small percentage of people, we are voting to let their wishes dictate policy. Every time we give into an anarchist in fear of being cancelled by them, then we are voting for anarchy to rule in our nation.  Every day we choose not to tell someone about Jesus, we are voting to not have the right of free speech. Every day that we choose to live against God’s Word, we are voting for the god of this world to have his way. Every time we decide that something else is more important than worshipping God on the Lord’s Day, we are voting against God’s worship. Every time we choose to do something else than take part in any church service that is being held in our church, we are voting to cancel that service. I hear a lot of talk about elections, and I am very concerned that the liberals are taking over our nation merely by the votes being cast by some of the same people who are complaining but not doing anything to vote against it. However, I even more concerned by the numbers of God’s people who are regularly voting against God here on this earth by how they vote with the living of life and their evangelistic silence.