Hope in the Lord

Our trip to Clovis, New Mexico, serving with Hope Children’s Home West, was a wonderful dream come true for me personally. Since our team went to Hope’s main ministry location in Tampa. FL, five years ago and I learned of their desire to have a home in the West, I have been praying for our church to be able to serve with the new Hope location wherever it might be in the West. After much prayer and God working in miraculous ways, I am praising Him that we were able to accomplish that goal through this trip. Through the ministry of Hope, God is giving children hope in life in a safe environment and hope in eternity by coming to know the Lord as their Saviour by faith. As these children and teens hear the Gospel daily through the devotions, Scripture memory, and Biblical examples in the ministry of the children’s home as well as the local church they attend, God is working in their hearts. The leadership of the children’s home were amazed at how the youth of our ministry team were uniquely prepared to effectively and naturally connect with the children in their care. God is so good in all that He does to offer hope to all who will trust in Him. This is the same kind of hope that troubled souls in our nation and our world need to come to experience personally before it is too late for them. We are seeing prophetic statements becoming reality with a renewed and intensified push for globalism over the current pandemic and the perilous condition of our nation’s major cities with the lawless rioting, luting, and occupying that city officials are allowing.  We are seeing more and more cities having good officers resign or continually being understaffed due to lack of qualified applicants and lack of funding from the city government; therefore, we will most likely see more chaos in the days ahead. God’s Word gives warning to the condition of our world before the final judgment begins, and we are seeing more of those events taking place today than ever before. It is imperative that God’s people see each and every day as an opportunity to prepare for our accountability to the Lord in eternity. It is also imperative that we are faithful and obedient to the mandate that Jesus gave to His followers before He departed back to Heaven to take the saving message of the Gospel to the lost souls in our community, our region, our state, our nation, and our world.