Hope For America

I have had people ask me the question regarding this title. Do I really believe there is hope for America? My answer to them is “yes!” Although the potential for it is waning, the possibility for it is still alive and well. I have had people criticize me for what they call wasting my time praying for revival in America, but, as long as I live, I will continue to pray for what we need most in our nation. The greatest needs in America will not be settled in November just like they have never been settled in any election before. The issues plaguing our nation and the world today are the same root issues that have been a problem to mankind from the beginning of time—Sin! Elections do not change sin because sin is a heart problem not a political problem. There is only one being in all of the universe that can truly change hearts and that person is not running for public office for either political party. God alone is able to change the sinner in their soul. The only remedy for any nation to be healed that God promises to bless is still recorded in II Chronicles 7:14. The key to God healing a nation is still His people getting right with Him. This is what revival is all about. Revival is when saved people are revived—revitalized in their passion and zeal for the Lord after it has waned due to the influences of the world, sin, apathy, or lethargy. It is when God’s people get on fire for the Lord once again, like when they were first saved, after growing cold spiritually by drifting away from the Word, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and a burden for the lost around them all over the world. Revival is what is needed when God’s people settle for religion instead of enjoying the richness of a real and growing relationship with their Creator. It is necessary when we begin to depend on ourselves and our flesh for the things that only God can truly supply. Revival is needed when God’s people have drifted from God into sin and are in desperate need of humbling themselves before God has to do it for them in His judgment. Revival is needed when God’s people fail to seek His face in prayer and worship and humbly desire His presence in their life. Revival is needed when God’s people need to turn away from the wickedness of the world in repentance and confession of their sin so that they turn to the Lord in His holiness and grace. Revival is needed when God’s people are going to church less and doing other things more. Revival is needed when God’s people are no longer reading their Bible because they have so many other things demanding their time as a greater priority. Revival is necessary when God’s people no longer weep over the condition of lost souls and fail to spread the Gospel to those around them. I believe we need revival today because I clearly see all the signs that the need is truly great. The real questions are… How many other people see the need for revival? How many other people believe it is possible? How many other people want to have it happen in their lifetime? How many other people are regularly praying for it and seeking to be a catalyst for it in their own life by drawing nearer to God?