He is Risen!

Following the arrest of Jesus earlier this week, over two thousand years ago, and the crucifixion three days ago, the disciples of Jesus were very discouraged. These ladies are coming to the tomb, on the first day of the week, in great sorrow and sadness, to care for the body of Jesus more properly because they were not able to do so on the day of His death due to of the rush to get His body into the tomb before sunset. Their dilemma over moving the stone was taken care of as they felt the ground shake and the stone was already moved as they arrived, but to their amazement and chagrin the body of Jesus was not there. They were reminded of the words of Jesus by the angel when He told them of His looming death, but also of His resurrection on the third day and alas that day was indeed the third day and He had risen just as He said. Sadly, they were met with more disappointment as they reported their findings to the other disciples; they were skeptical at best but mostly doubting completely the words of these faithful sisters. Peter and John were intrigued enough to run to the tomb to see for themselves and sure enough it was just as the women had testified to them. The events of the past week and the resurrection that Jesus had foretold had happened exactly as Jesus had declared unto them, but they had been weak in their faith and suffering undue sorrows instead of anticipating His resurrection. They could have gone to the tomb with expectation and joy seeking the risen Saviour instead of going as they did in sorrow and despair. It is amazing how things stay so similar even in the passing of time and the recording of history. I am saddened by how many followers of Jesus today, just as we see recorded here in our text, are living in gloom and despair at the circumstances they see around them and not in anticipation of the Lord’s return. They suffer needlessly the negative emotions of hopelessness and defeat instead of living in expectation of the fulfilment of the promises of our Saviour. I realize they had the benefit of knowing the exact day of Jesus resurrection being three days after His death, but we do not have the same luxury in regards to His return to take us home to Heaven before His judgment on the earth to come. My friend, do you know the risen Saviour as your coming King? Are you living each day in the hope of faith by knowing the promises of God’s Word to strengthen you through the challenges of this life? Are you living your life in worship and honor to the Lord preparing yourself to meet Him faithfully when He returns? If the answer to any of these questions is honestly no, then make the changes God is calling you to make so you are ready when He comes instead of unprepared like the disciples were for His resurrection.