Happy Mother’s Day!

Theology is the teachings of God. It is truth from God about Himself, about our own selves, about how we relate to Him, and about how He wants us to live life for His glory. Truth influences what we believe and what we believe determines how we live on earth, as well as where we spend eternity. Our society is changing because our beliefs are changing. As a nation, we do not value what we once did because we do not believe what we once believed. Unfortunately, the slide of our nation is contributed to by the slide of many churches who no longer believe truth, no longer teach doctrine in order to help people believe biblical truth or have altered the Bible to say what they want it to say to meet their personal desires. As our society and our churches are changing, we are devaluing what God values, and we are esteeming with value things that God does not. Instead of honoring age, too many are worshipping youth and trying to be “forever 21”. Instead of valuing life, we are increasing the opportunities to kill life. Instead of honoring authorities in our society, we are accusing them of wrong doing and justifying those that assault or murder them. Instead of honoring motherhood and valuing children, we are developing a culture that desires fewer children, seeing them as a burden more than a blessing. We are striving to pay more taxes with double incomes to have a higher standard of living instead of valuing the role the Bible has elevated with honor as a biblical mother. Motherhood is not being valued as it once was, but the reality of “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” is just as true as it was a hundred years ago. In our instant gratification society, we want it all now, even when it comes to family. Our children will not always need us, so we need to give ourselves to them while we have them. One day they will become adults and move on, but while they are with us, God has given us the job to train them, instruct them, nurture them, and prepare them for the life He desires for them. There will always be time to increase our income when our children are older, but they will only be young once. Mother, no one can replace you! No one is called to mother your children like you are. No one can influence the future of your children like you can and need to for the impact they will have on our nation, our churches, and our families in the next generation. Mom, you are important to your children. Thank you for all you do!