Happy Grandparent’s Day

Being a grandparent is a wonderful blessing from the Lord. Children are truly “an heritage of the Lord” and rearing our children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” is a great privilege and responsibility. Each child needs to be brought up prayerfully for God’s glory. But then the fruit of training your children in the ways of the Lord is to joyfully watch your children begin to train their own children in the same ways of the Lord. At the stage of life I am at currently, I have a far greater understanding, appreciation, and experiential taste of the joy the Apostle John spoke of in II John 4 when he said, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” It is a joy to see your children loving on their children, teaching their children, providing for their children, and leading their children in the ways of the Lord. As Grandparents, we need to support our children in bringing up their children with prayer support, encouragement support, time support, physical support, and when we can financial support. When a family is willing to work together generationally everyone benefits. When we lived in Indiana far away from both of our biological family relationships, God blessed us with people who offered their love, their time, their support, physical help with projects, and at times their financial help to bless our children and influence their lives for good. When our grand children live far away, it is far more difficult to be able to influence their lives and support our children in bringing them up; however, modern technology helps a lot to be able to look at them while we talk to them on a phone or computer conversation with Skype or Facetime. But I want to encourage Grandparents in this reality as well, there are children around you where you do live that need older, godly people influencing their lives for God’s glory. There are parents in your church and your neighborhood that could really benefit from the support of older, godly men and women in their lives and on their children’s live. As we celebrate Grandparent’s Day, I want to encourage all of us grandparents to step up our effort on being a good and godly influence on the children who are going to be adults in the next generation of time if the Lord tarries His return.