Happy Anniversary!

God has been very, very good to us over the past sixty-six years and more. In 1953, God burdened the hearts of two young ladies, Verna Bazler and Nadine Jaeger, who were missionaries to children in rural communities, to came to Summerville. This community previously had churches in it, but in that era of history had none. They began Bible clubs in the local school and had Vacation Bible School in the summer. Parents would stay to hear the teaching of God’s Word to their children. After Bible School was concluded, the parents asked these ladies to hold a Sunday school for the children of the community each Sunday. They did and the Lord blessed their efforts. As more Dads and Moms would come and stay with their children to hear the teaching, these two ladies felt it was needed to have a preacher come out to speak to the adults more directly while they continued to minister to the children. Doyle Wilson, who was a preacher and a builder, came out from La Grande to begin to hold services; the Lord was clearly doing a work in this little community. After a period of time, the church was organized in 1955 as a Baptist church, and the first church congregation signed the charter to begin Summerville Baptist Church. The church has had many pastors over the years, many different people who have served in leadership and ministry, and many who have served with the teens. However, of them all, no one has served as the youth Pastor for anywhere close to the thirty years of Pastor Steve. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of Pastor Steve serving as the pastor of the youth ministry of Summerville Baptist Church. He began in May of 1991 and Sister Sharon came to join him as his wife and co-laborer two years later. They have been and still are a tremendous blessing to the ministry of the Lord in His church here in Summerville. I have had the privilege of serving alongside of them for the past twenty-one years. I am thankful for their help in the ministry here while I have served as pastor. The future may hold changes for us all, but while we are here may we all be faithful to the Lord and to His church in this place until He moves us elsewhere or takes us home to glory. May we all do our share to be a healthy, vibrant, and vital part of His work through His church in this place to His glory. Happy Anniversary to the Lord’s church in Summerville and Happy Anniversary to Pastor Steve and Sister Sharon for their faithfulness as well.