Good Theology Offers a Good Life

What we believe affects the experience of our lives. So many people we see every week, and perhaps someone here today, are living a life that is hopeless, empty, and seemingly vain. The cause of their hopelessness, emptiness, and purposelessness is the beliefs they hold. When our faith gives us no hope, then life is pretty empty. When we have no real purpose in living life, then we live a purposeless life that often becomes futile and even fatalistic. When we believe that we are nothing more than the product of chance, then we live a life driven by chance. When we believe that we are no different than animals, then we often live like animals. We are told that life does not matter, and a human being is not really a human being until the government says that it is. We find ourselves discussing the legality of and even legalizing the ability of doctors and parents to neglect a child that has been born and withhold life giving treatment so the child will die, but keep them comfortable as they die. We would be far better off as a society believing in the God of the Bible and the Bible of the one true God like many of our founding fathers did in the beginning of our nation. It was the liberty in Christ that is referenced in the Scriptures that got some of them to begin thinking about the liberty of our nation. It was the truth of a Creator God explained in the Bible that caused them to clearly state that mankind is given certain unalienable rights by their Creator not by their government, and stated some of those rights as “life and liberty.” God is the giver of life and God creates human life with a free will to think and act for himself as one that has liberty to live their life in a peaceful way along with other free will individuals who respect each other’s freedoms and liberty. The purpose of government is not to get in the way of people’s liberty, but rather to keep one person’s expression of liberty not to infringe on another person’s right to the same. It was John Adams, one of our presidents and a great part of our nation’s history, that said, “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” He said this because of their faith and beliefs causing them to live in such a way that they would respect each other and seek to help each other, not harm or take advantage of each other. America is changing in the history of my lifetime because it is becoming less and less godly and even irreverent to God and His Word.