Going to Help a Missionary

There are many ways that we can give ourselves to be part of God’s Great Commission to His children in His Churches. We have spoken about our own duty to go where we are and actively engage in the spreading of the Gospel where we live. We have also talked about giving financially as part of our worship and obedience to help others go with the Gospel into other parts of the world and even regions here at home where we do not live. We have discussed how this is not an “either, or” position; but rather a “both, and” at the same time directive given to us from the Lord God Almighty. Our obedience to this command has the promise of God’s power and blessing attached to it, which should give us confidence and motivation to obey Him in this matter of faith. However, there is another way in which any one of us as believers can take an active role in the obedience God’s Great Commission and His program of using His Churches to find and fulfill His mission. Going to serve alongside a missionary on their field of ministry is another great way to be engaged in obedience to God’s will for every Christian in every biblical Church. Every summer our church sponsors a trip to serve the Lord with a missionary or agency in some location here in the Northwest; this summer we will be going to the Union Gospel Mission in Portland. Two years ago, we were on the Yakama Reservation serving with our supported missionaries Glenn & Deb Hohmann doing cross cultural missions with people different from us, but very much the same. The year before that we were in Liberty Lake, WA, serving in a church plant that we are supporting with Greg & Beth Ann Wilt. The year before that we were in Tampa, FL, serving in the wonderful ministry of the Hope Children’s Home. Each of these trips give our teens and anyone who attends exposure and experience in different types of missions work with different missionaries, many of whom we support monthly. It gives us the opportunity to see the difference our investment is helping to make in another harvest field of souls beyond our own “Jerusalem” area. Once every five years, we also take a bigger, more expensive trip a foreign field further away. This past summer we went to the native bush village of St. Mary’s, AK, to serve with the Warren family, which is not foreign, but it was definitely far away and expensive. On these trips we usually try to do a work project as well as help with evangelistic outreach. For the Warrens, we built a ramp to help with access to the church building for people with mobility challenges, and we held a VBS for the children. In the past, we have taken trips to Mexico, Italy, Canada, and even Belarus. We have also had people in our church family go on ministry trips of their own to serve in various ways with different missionaries and our church helped them with the cost of their trip. I want to encourage you to plan on being part of one of these trips in the future in your engagement in the Great Commission.