God’s Word is Essential to God’s Lovingkindness

Our Scripture reading this morning, the message this morning by Pastor Steve and the message this evening by Bro. Eddie all declare our experience of God’s lovingkindness in our lives personally is directly connected to our involvement in the Word of God. The more we engage ourselves in God’s Word personally and collectively the more we are going to understand the lovingkindness of the Lord so that we can enjoy it more in our daily living. The hope we can have as we journey life’s highway is directly proportionate to our understanding of God and His love for us found in His Word. The comfort we can experience from sensing God’s presence with us and knowing God’s promises to us are all about our understanding in God’s Word. Our clarity in times of uncertainty that the perspective God’s Word can offer us is critical in days like we are experiencing right now in our nation and our world. Knowing God’s expected end for His children and many of the things that the future will unfold for us is helpful when things are not looking like we would want them too on earth. When life makes us want to feel hopeless and helpless due to our circumstances, it is God, through His Word, that lifts us up and renews our hope and confidence in Him. God’s Word is the truth that God has given us to help us know Him properly and defines for us what we need from Him to enable us to relate to Him personally so that we can live with His blessings on earth and in eternity.  It is God, in His Word, that defines for us right from wrong, truth from error, moral from immoral, and all other critical life matters when the world around us and most of our human resources of information are blurring the distinctions on these vital details of life. It is God’s Word that clearly tells us we all have the same origin, we all have the same sin problem, we all need the same Saviour, and we all matter the same to God. Therefore, He wants us all to come to know Him by trusting in Him alone for forgiveness. It is the people of this world that are creating tensions of ethnicity and creating all of the chaos we are experiencing, and not God, His Word, or His true followers. As we see the end of time drawing nearer and the world around us becoming increasingly wicked, it is critical for every true believer to be filled with the understanding that God offers to His children in His Word so we can be fully equipped to face the challenges ahead of us before we enter eternity to be in God’s presence forever. May this Lord’s Day worship help us all be faithful to the Lord more!