God’s Way or Not

The statement “his way” is used 53 times in the King James Bible and 14 of them are in the books of Psalms and Proverbs. It is used to refer to God’s way or man’s, and we are the ones who choose for ourselves which way we will go. In Psalm 18:30, we are told that God’s way is perfect and we understand that anything other than perfect is less than perfect; so, it is clear God’s way is the best choice for any person to choose. In Psalm 25:9, we are told that God will teach His way to all those who will meekly submit and surrender themselves to Him in their life. Psalm 37:23 tells us that God orders the steps of the person that is in good relationship with Him, and we can delight in His way while at the same time He can delight in our way as we are guided by Him in it. Later in that same Psalm in verse 34, we are told to wait on the Lord and keep His way and the Lord will bless us. In Psalm 119:9, we are told that when we mess up and get off track, we can cleanse our wrong way by following His Word and way once again in repentance, forgiveness, and obedience to the Lord. In Proverbs 8:22 and 11:5, we see that God and His righteousness will direct us and guide us in His way if we will cooperate with it in our lives personally. In Proverbs 14:8, we are told that wisdom and prudence can help understand the way in life that we are going and choosing, and in 16:17, we are told to keep our eye on this fact and make sure we on the highway of doing right according to God and not the evil He condemns. In Proverbs 16:9, we are told that our choices and decisions devise the way we live in life, but it is God who ultimately directs the steps in the end of our choices. Proverbs 19:3 makes it clear that we pervert our own way by working against the Lord in rebellion to Him as God in our lives. And the opposite is made clear in Proverbs 21:29 when both realities of our choices are applied to our own responsibility. The Bible cannot be clearer from these passages and hundreds of others in regard to our own responsibility and accountability to God for the choice we make about the way we live our life before entering and in preparation for eternity. The way you live and the way you build your life is your choice. You can choose God’s way, as outlined in His Word and guided by His Spirit, or you can choose your own way or another man’s way or, in reality, Satan’s way. The Bible also warns every person about the conclusion of these choices before we even make the choice. It is always good to know the end of a way we choose before we choose in order to make sure it is the final destination that we are desiring. Please read Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25 and Mark 7:13-14 to see what I am talking about.