God’s Way is Always the Best Way

Mankind needs to wake up and learn from history. Many Christians today need to review history and stop attempting a fool’s errand. People need to start taking the Bible seriously before it is too late. God has given us His Word to explain to mankind truth and what to expect in the future and in eternity. God has defined for us in His Word what He will bless and what He will judge. God has declared in His Word what He says is wise and what He says is foolish. God has defined for us how we came to be in existence, why we are here, how we are to relate properly with each other and with Him. Our Creator and the only true God has told us how He wants us to live so that He will bless us and we will bring Him the glory He deserves as our Creator. And yet, mankind consistently tries to do things his own way. We persist in thinking we can alter things just a bit and it will all work out anyways. We make up our own deities, our own religious books, our own righteousness, and our own standards of what is acceptable; however, it isn’t working. We should not be surprised that it is not working, but invariably even Christians seem shocked when their sin only results in pain and suffering instead of God’s blessings. Sooner or later mankind, and especially people who say they are following Christ, must wake up to the biblical reality that God has set forth in His Holy Bible. There is only one way of living that God will bless. There is only one way to be born eternally into God’s family to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. There is only one way to have a nation blessed of God. There is only one way to be prepared to be blessed when standing before the Holy God of Heaven on judgement day. In our pluralistic and self-deceiving, delusional society, God’s true children need to be setting the example of how to honor God, be blessed by God, and avoid the destruction that sin brings upon mankind so that everyone else can realize how they are missing out and how they can change it before it is too late.