God’s Missions Agency

I am thankful for every Missionary that is part of our Missions Team for worldwide evangelization. I am also thankful for every person here at Summerville who is faithfully taking part in Faith Missions Giving to help support our Missionaries who make up our Missions Team. I am also thankful for every faithful giver of tithes and offerings here at Summerville. If you give tithes to the General Fund, then you are giving in part to our effort of spreading the Gospel here in our local community with buying Gospel tracts and doing outreach ministry here in our valley. Those funds also help us with hospitality with our Missionary guests when they come to visit; however, the funds to support Missionaries and projects on their field of ministry only come out of our Missions Account. I believe the Bible is very clear that every Christian is to give a tithe of their income to the Lord’s work through His churches that they help make up. I also believe that there is very good evidence that God desires us to give free offerings above the tithe to other needs as well, which include spreading the Gospel beyond where we are unto the uttermost part of the earth. We have Missionaries that we support who are part of Mission agencies that help them with financial booking and other support needs, but we also have Missionaries that we support who are only sent out of and managed by their home church. I respect Missionaries with either choice, but the truth is only one of these are found in the Scriptures. In God’s Word we see church families sending out members of their church to go out and do Gospel ministry in other places and then returning to report back to their sending church. We see the Apostle Paul also reporting to His supporting churches in writing and personal reporting in many of the New Testament books of Scripture. The local, biblical church is God’s ordained agency for the spreading of His Gospel to the ends of the earth and a church is made of people who are part of that body of believers united together in doctrinal agreement in Christ and God’s Word. The Missions meetings of any biblical church are vital to the health and Scriptural obedience of the church to God’s will for His churches. I long for the day when every member of the Lord’s church in every local community will be faithful to attending every Missions meeting, Missions Conference, taking part in Missions giving, and their own spreading of the Gospel in their local area. This is one of the many areas in which churches in America need to experience revival.