God’s Mission for His Church is the Great Commission

This morning we are honored to have a guest Missionary who has moved to the Seattle area to plant a biblical Baptist Church. The Pearlstein family is finishing up their deputation here in the northwest after traveling elsewhere for many months. The Lord has burdened their heart to launch this church plant this coming spring in just a few months. We want to lift them up in prayer as we consider the Lord’s direction in our ability to support their ministry financially as well. They will be engaging in the same activities that we are doing here in the Grande Ronde Valley. They will be actively carrying out the Great Commission in that location and, as the church is established, they will be supporting other Missionaries who will take the same Gospel message and ministry to other areas while they faithfully continue doing so in their area of the Seattle metro community. I still believe that Missions is not a ministry of the church, but rather the church is God’s ministry for Missions. God establishes local churches in different areas to expand the spreading of the Gospel all around the world unto the uttermost places and people. In the first church group of the disciples with Jesus, and then with the church in Jerusalem, and then in Antioch, we see believers uniting together and working together with those that had doctrinal agreement to spread the Gospel where they were, to send out members to take the Gospel elsewhere, and to help others do so in other places. Today, we as a church are doing the same thing. We just sent the Martins out from our church to preach the Word and spread the Gospel in Iwakuni, Japan. Last Sunday, we made a decision as a church to transfer support from one missionary who no longer needs it to be used by another missionary in another part of Oregon. And today, we are hearing from another Missionary who is taking the Gospel message and planting a biblical church in another location. So, we as a church are following the example of the early churches recorded in the Bible in our ministry here today. We are continuing the Gospel ministry that Jesus came to establish here on the earth with His disciples and that He left to His churches and believers to be faithful and obedient to as His followers. Tonight, we are going to be looking at God’s plan for His churches recorded in His Word for reaching the world with the Gospel message and ministry.