God is Still Building His Church!

Praise the Lord for God blessing His church and building His church in Summerville and in many places around the world. This past Lord’s Day, we were blessed by adding two more into our church family for which we are extremely thankful. Back before COVID 19 threw our lives in upheaval, Bro Kenio came forward in an invitation after a morning service, and Bro. Eddie had the privilege to lead him to faith in Christ as his personal Saviour through the truths of the Gospel in the Scriptures. Praise the Lord, last Sunday, he was obedient to identify publicly with his Saviour in Believer’s Baptism. His wife Sapella also joined the church from a church of like faith back home on their island where she was saved and biblically baptized. Last Sunday, the Lord also blessed us with a family from our La Grande bus route in our morning service as well as visitors from Imbler as a result of our saturation of the Gospel in that town with invitations to be our guest. The Sunday before that, we had a good group of believers come back for the evening service as we spent the entire service in remembrance of our Lord’s sacrifice for our sins in observing the Lord’s Supper in which He instituted with His disciples for His churches to continue until He returns for us in the future. We also voted as a church family in that service to support a new missionary, to give bonuses to our current missionary families, and to increase our monthly giving to the Bible printing ministries we support. That was possible because of the increased giving of God’s people in this place to God’s glory. This week, we saw the Lord bring in new children into our ministry for us to serve to His glory because we started up the bus ministry and all our children’s ministries again. God is doing some wonderful things in this place, but sadly everyone is not on board with it and are not enjoying the benefit of it. Recently Sister June went home to be with the Lord, and we miss her greatly. She was a blessing to all who knew her. She loved her church family and was faithful to her Lord in attendance and ministry all the way to the end of her life. Over the past year, we have lost other faithful servants of the Lord in His church here at Summerville, and they are all missed greatly. We are praying for God to fill those voids left behind by these faithful servants of His. We are praying for God to raise up people in His church here to be more faithful than they currently are and to become team members of ministry. We are praying for people who have not joined the church family to take on the responsibility of membership. We are also asking God to bring people who are not here yet to come here by His divine direction to help His church move forward to His glory. He is at work here, but are you letting Him use your life and gifts to advance His work on earth from this church of His to His glory?