God is So Good to Me!

Every child of God can say this if they take time to really look at the reality of eternity and even the spiritual reality¬†of this temporal life. Far too often, we think of the goodness of God in carnal terms, and we miss the fact of God’s goodness in more meaningful ways. It is easy to acknowledge God’s goodness in thanksgiving for our physical food but perhaps not as natural for our spiritual nourishment from His Word. Especially if we are not nourishing ourselves with His Word on our own or even in regular corporate worship. It is very natural for most Christians to give praise to God for an extra financial blessing; especially if they have been praying for it. However, it is a bit less likely for some to give praise to God for a fellow believer giving a word of encouragement, and even less likely if it is a loving word of rebuke. It is very common when the Lord gives life, but a bit less common when He takes life away. It is natural when He adds to our church family, but far more difficult when He takes people from our church family to place them in another good biblical church family elsewhere. We are full of praise and thanksgiving when the Martin family is coming home from being away serving the Lord in one of His churches abroad, but not quite as full when He calls them to go serve with Him in the lives of military families in other parts of the world. It is very easy for me to be thankful to the Lord for celebrating the 35 years God has given Teri and I together in marriage tomorrow, but it is a bit inconvenient since I am over 1,300 miles away on our missions trip with my teenage children. However, we are very thankful for the church’s gift to us for our twentieth anniversary serving here a Summerville that blessed us to several nights away at our favorite place to go relax in Boise so we could celebrate earlier this month. It is very normal to give thanks and praise to God when we are healed from sickness and being delivered from a trial, but not so much when we are going into a challenging time in life. It is very common to acknowledge God’s goodness and grace when everything in life is going well, but not so much when everything seems to be going very badly in your life. It is easy to give praise to the Lord for the eager lost person who responds positively to the Gospel message, but not as much for the opportunity that doesn’t end quite as well. I have no problem giving thanks and praise for the counseling or discipling relationship that is going smoothly and people growing well through God’s Word, but it is much harder for me when it feels like I am not seeing much progress week to week as I share truth with them. As I see the craziness of our current society and how the world has reacted to one virus over the reality of every other source of death and health devastation that has been plaguing us for decades, I am very thankful that my hope is in the Lord and my home is eternally in Heaven. We are getting ever closer to our Lord’s return and His subsequent judgement of His children, this world, and the lost. It is critical for God’s people to live in the light of eternity now more than ever. One of the powerful witnesses of God’s children is their praise of God reflecting their faith in God in the good times and in the bad times. May we all acknowledge the goodness of God all the time, because all the time He truly is good.