God is Great

God is great, all the time. No matter if we see it or even acknowledge it. God is not changed in His greatness by our ignorance or our negligence. Even when God does not answer requests the way we hope He will, it does not change the greatness of God. We have seen God display His power and majesty in amazing ways in recent days, and we need to acknowledge His greatness and encourage our hearts in the things we can see He has done. God blessed our family so wonderfully with taking care of Haven during her birth, since her birth, through her surgery, and her recovery. But God also provided us a love offering that allowed us to take care of our needs and others while we were in Spokane. God provided for the ministry of His church here while I was sick and even with a week with no offerings. God brought Wesley and Lisa across the US in the winter and provided jobs for them before they even arrived. Even when we go through things that we would prefer not to have to go through, God is still good. The question is, do we take time to see it and even acknowledge the goodness and greatness of God when we are going through the hard things in life? I have been blessed in recent days to hear testimonies of people who have shared about God’s goodness and greatness in bad situations that they would prefer not to have to go through, but they could still see God in it. We humans can be so fickle when it comes to the doctrine of God. We praise God when things are going the way we want them to, but we complain about God when they are not. We acknowledge God’s greatness and goodness when we are being blessed, but we doubt these truths when we do not see His blessings so evidently. Many of you did not get to read last week’s Pastor’s Paragraph, but it is on the website if you wish to read it. In that, Teri expressed our thanksgiving to God and to you for your help and love and kindness during Haven’s surgery and prior to her surgery. “God is good, God is great,” is more than a simple prayer, it is a theological truth all the time.