God Has Done Great Things Again!

Thank you for praying for VBS this week. Thank you to those who gave a special love offering to help support VBS last Sunday. Thank you to everyone who participated in VBS in any way this week and in the weeks in preparation leading up to this week. We had a great week of ministry with children and their families. God has interfaced our ministry with some new families through VBS, and it sounds like some of those families are going to stay connected with us for future ministry to their children. Pray for God to continue to open further doors of ministry with others in the days ahead as a result of this week of ministry. God blessed us with over 15 visitors and over 60 different children attending during the week, many of which were faithful all week long. Our theme this year was about how mankind is created in the image of God and for the purpose of His glory on earth. We emphasized the value and preciousness of every human being in being created by God to bear His image here on earth. Our VBS offering is going to Next Step ministry to help honor the sanctity of human life. I have been blessed by the generosity of children and parents already giving over $200.00 to the offering this year. We are designed to have an eternal relationship with God and live eternally with Him in Heaven, but our sin makes that impossible. However, God in His grace and mercy has provided forgiveness of our sins and His righteousness applied to us if we repent of our sins and receive Jesus’ substitutionary death and resurrection to pay our sin debt and give us eternal life. Each day we learned about different aspects of God’s great creation, memory verses, and wonderful truths from Scripture, as well as great games, fun crafts, and yummy snacks. God put together a wonderful team of servants who worked together to bless the lives of the children and their families. I praise God for the continued legacy of VBS here at Summerville Baptist Church that continues to this day from the very origins of this church ministry back in the early 1950s. We need to always keep our emphasis on the reaching of the lost with the Gospel and the edification of believers in their faith with the truths of Scripture in every age stage of life including children.