Go Ye Into All the World

This was Jesus’ final commission to His followers before He left them to return to Heaven where He left in order to come to earth in human form. He left Heaven to come to earth on a mission to be the redeemer of mankind who were lost in sin. He completed His mission and established His church with His followers and He left us with His mission for us to accomplish through His power while we are still here on earth. We call His mission He commanded to His church the Great Commission, and it is our time to do our part in helping to accomplish His mission for us. God’s plan for accomplishing this mission is His local churches made up of His faithful followers. The world includes the uttermost location abroad, but it also includes our own valley with each community and each soul living in this place that we call home. The Great Commission is not limited to Missionaries like our guests here today and all this month. Nor is it relegated to vocational servants of the Lord such as pastors or evangelists. However, it is the responsibility of every blood washed, born again believer in Jesus Christ while we are living here among the lost. Our obedience to Jesus involves both our financial and prayer support of servants who take the Gospel to other places while we are doing our part to take the Gospel to the places around where we live at the same time. This month of October is our Missions Emphasis Month, and I pray that we all allow the Lord to grow us in our personal involvement and commitment to giving and going to spread the Gospel into all the world. We cannot merely depend on the internet to do this for us. We cannot only spread the Gospel through the postal service. We must also do our part to connect personally with the people we know and come in contact with every day in our neighborhoods, our daily responsibilities, and our relationship interactions. I want to challenge each person here today to ask the Lord to direct your heart in how to increase your missions giving in the coming year and take ten Gospel tracts with them when they leave the service today to plan on handing out this week as you go through your week. Our time here on earth is waning rapidly and our opportunities to spread the Gospel are going to end one day. If we are truly going to be faithful followers of Jesus, then we must participate regularly and personally in His Great Commission.