Go Into All the World

Last week we looked at Christ’s declaration that He would build His church and the fact that we need to be yielded, useful tools and building materials for Him to use how He sees fit. The final verse we looked at in Matthew 16 was where Jesus told His disciples not to tell anyone who He was and what He had made known to them about what He had come to earth to accomplish. My last point in the outline was about how too many followers of Christ still act like that is the will of Jesus for us today. They do not tell anyone about who He is and why He came to earth; they tell no one about the Gospel of Christ or invite others into His house and family. However, in the conclusion of the message, it was clearly declared that that was not Jesus’ final statement to His followers. In fact, His final statement to them was the exact opposite. Each of the four of the Gospels declare emphatically that He told all of His followers, who also made up His church, that He wanted all of them to go everywhere and tell everyone that He was the Messiah; the sent One from God; the Saviour of sinners who trust in Him, because He died for their sins to cleanse them and make them right with the Holy God of Heaven and then He rose from the dead to give to them eternal life. In fact, the fifth book of the Bible, the Book of Acts, also declares that clearly as does the sixth book, the Book of Romans. Most of the rest of the books of the Bible either insinuate it or declare it explicitly. God’s Word is very clear that from now on, from the time of His resurrection, He wants His message of Salvation to be declared by His followers in every place and to every person, so they can receive the benefit of His sacrifice for their sins just like we have. To keep quiet about this wonderful gift is not only selfish, it is also wicked. To keep the keys to deliverance from the bondage and eternal destruction of sin to ourselves instead of using it to unlock people held by Satan is clearly disobedience and sin against God and His Word. Today, we welcome Ricky Howard who recently moved to St. George, UT, to plant a Gospel preaching, independent Baptist Church to be a lighthouse to the local community and to the world. We need more biblical churches following God’s Word to help believers obey God’s will in spreading the Gospel to all people everywhere.