Giving Thanks by Giving of Ourselves

Thanksgiving is a word that expresses an activity. Giving is an action that involves the expression of gratitude. There are many ways that we can put our gratitude into action. We can obviously express our gratitude with words of appreciation and expressing our thanks to God for His blessings and also to those around us for the blessing they are to us. But there are other actions we do in an expression of gratitude for blessings we have received. When God or others bless us financially, then we can express our gratitude by giving part of that blessing back to the Lord in a tithe; we can also share part of that financial blessing to be a help to someone else. Giving thanks by giving to bless the Lord and others is a wonderful expression of gratitude. Another way we can express our gratitude for the blessings of God in our life is by giving of our time to be a blessing to God in His service of ministry or by giving our time to bless God in blessing others by helping them with a project or a need we can take care of for them. Another way to express our gratitude to God for His goodness to us is by being a witness to others in telling them about His goodness to us as one of His children. Far too many people have allowed Thanksgiving Day to degenerate as eating being the main activity instead of actually giving thanks to God for His blessings to us. Those of us who are children of God through faith in His Son Jesus Christ, whom He gave to be His sacrifice for our sins, ought to be the most grateful people on the face of the earth. The gratitude we feel should be expressed verbally and actively to bring glory to our Creator and Heavenly Father. God has given so much to us and His giving ought to produce in us a great gratitude that motivates us to be givers of ourselves to His glory in doing His will here on earth in our lives and to be a witness to the lost around us while we live.