Giving God the Glory He Deserves

The God of the Bible is a great and good God who is worthy of glory for all He has done and for all He has created. It never goes well for those who try to steal God’s glory for themselves; the Bible is full of examples of that result. Joseph is an example of one who continually gives God the glory He deserves, and it is critical for believers in the Lord today to do the same. We need to give God glory for the good things He does for us. It is imperative that we let those around us know what the Lord means to us personally. The older generation of adults must communicate what we have learned, seen, and experienced about the Lord with those who are coming up behind us. Our children and grandchildren need to hear us share with them about the goodness and greatness of our God. The lost around us need to hear the children of God talking about who He is and what He has done for them in their relationship with Him. They need us to share with them how they can enjoy a personal relationship with the living God of the Bible in their own lives. God deserves to have His children telling others about Him. He deserves the glory for what He has done for each one of us. The Bible is filled with directives to proclaim the truth of God to others, to give God the glory due unto Him, and to declare to others what God has done for His children. For us to refuse to open our mouth and make known the goodness and greatness of the one true and living God is sinful. For us to not care about those around us enough to introduce them to our great and good God is inhumane. Your workplace and neighborhood are a mission field. For our teachers and students going back to school they are going into a mission field that needs to see the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you commit to sharing with one person, who you do not know is saved, about how good God has been to you? Let them know how they can enjoy His goodness in their own life. Pray for them to come to know Him.