Give Thanks unto the Lord

No matter how bad life gets on earth for any child of God, and we all know it can get really bad, yet still we have much to give thanks to God for in our lives. As we look at the world around us and ignore the mess sin and sinful people have made of it all, we can see plenty of reasons to give thanks to God in His creation. As we sit down to our Thanksgiving Day meal this week, we should take time to express our gratitude for God’s goodness unto us. We do a lot of complaining about things these days- and to be sure there is plenty of problems to choose from about which to complain- but there is even more to give thanks for in each of our lives. There are so many admonitions in the Bible about having a thankful heart, and there are so many truths recorded in God’s Word that are worthy of our thanksgiving. We all have problems in our lives; we all have regrets and failures we wish were not so; we all have limitations we are frustrated by in our lives; however, according to the Bible, God still loves us. He loves us because He chooses to love us and He willingly makes His love available to us by His grace. To benefit from God’s love and grace instead of suffering under His wrath is always a reality for which to be thankful. We should always be thankful to those who are a help to us and bless us, especially when what they do for us is what we are unable to do for ourselves. That is exactly what God has done for everyone of us. He has done for us what we could never do for ourselves. None of us humans can live life on earth without the things that God has provided for us in His creation; therefore, we have much to give thanks unto the Lord for in the life we live on earth. All of us are sinners who are separated from the Holy God of Heaven, and we can not solve our sin problem by any means of our own; therefore, for whoever has been forgiven of their sins by God’s redemption has much for which be thankful to the Lord. The wages of our sins for us all is eternity in Hell separated from God forever; however, God makes it possible for any one of us to spend eternity with Him in His Heaven and that is truly a truth that is always worthy of thanksgiving. Here are only a few of the many realities that are always worthy of our expression of thanks unto the Lord. Let us all follow the admonition of Psalm 136:1 “O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.