Generational Influences

There are many factors in rearing up a child into an adult. Each of those factors have an effect on the outcome of the life of that child going into adulthood. Genetics is a huge factor in the life of every person and so is environment. The family we grow up in definitely influences the outcome of our life, but it alone is the not the defining influence. There have been many children, from varying spiritual beliefs, that have been born into very wicked families and reared up in very bad homes and neighborhoods, but who have grown into very successful, moral, ethical, and even godly adults. There is a reality of generational sin, but there is also the reality of generational righteousness. Sinful influences in the life of a child growing up definitely has a major influence in the life that child will grow up to live. The same is true of righteous influences of godly parents, grandparents, church family, and friends in the life of children; they are tremendous influences on their future lives. All of these realities are each a significant influence in the life of a child, as well as things they see and hear, music they listen to, the worldview they are educated in, the shows they watch, the language they are around, the habits of the adults in their life, even the abuse or blessing they receive from others in their life; all of these are contributing factors in the life of a child becoming an adult. But one of the most impacting influences in any person’s life is the grace of God. Our reaction to and experience of God’s grace in our lives, is in my estimation, the greatest determining factor in our lives that influences our future in life. This is why our student ministries are so vital for the success of our church ministry, the future of our church ministry, the future of our society, and the preparation of future adults in our communities. The only way to change a culture or society is by changing the people that make up that society. Satan knows this and so do all those who are serving him in this world. Hitler understood this and those who set up Germany before him to help him in his ethnic cleansing and attempt of world dominance. Every dictator or socialist government understands this, and it is time for God’s people to understand it as well. As long as the adults in a generation are mostly focused on their own benefit and experience of life, the next generation will be neglected and nothing will change in the future.