Fully Relying On God

There is a simple little acronym that accurately describes Biblical Christianity and Biblical Christian living, FROG. The title of this article is the definition of the acronym. This is the only way to be saved according to God in His Word. We must turn from our own efforts and trust in God’s provision alone for the forgiveness of our sinfulness. We must trust in Him alone to provide for us His own righteousness to make us truly right with Him. We must trust His way fully to receive His gift of redemption of and from our sinfulness. His way has always been and always will be the same as recorded singularly and clearly in His Word. It is by faith alone, in His provision for sin alone, according to His declared Word alone. It is by faith in His sacrifice offered willingly by the innocent for the guilty in a substitution for our place of the wrath of our sin. It is in the shedding of the blood of the innocent One to cleanse the sin of the guilty one. It started this way in Genesis in the Garden of Eden with the original sinners, Adam & Eve, and it concluded this way with the perfect sacrifice of God’s own perfect Lamb, His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, on the Cross of Golgotha outside of Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago for each of our sins. As long as we are trying another way or trusting another option, we are missing out on the only remedy offered to us by Almighty God. We must fully rely on God for Salvation or we fully miss out on it completely. However, the same is true in living life as a child of God God’s Way as defined in God’s Word. This Christ-life lived by the true believer is only possible by faith alone. We must fully rely on God in order to have the strength to live life His way on this earth and in these carnal bodies cursed by sin. Our soul is fully redeemed in Christ, but our flesh is stilled corrupted by sin and only the power of God can help us overcome its pull toward sin and destruction that Satan loves to exploit. On our own and in our own strength, none of us are an equal match to Satan or to sins that draw to our fleshly desires and wants. However, God our Creator is not only equal to but superior in every way to the powerful pull of temptation to our flesh that Satan masterfully uses against each of us. As long as we try to do it on our own or try the latest self-help solution offered by money seeking humanistic authors, we are destined to miserable failure. These realities are what we are seeing every day in the news media and in man’s efforts to deal with our current crises in COVID-19, the economic devastation, and the wrong reaction to injustice. We are seeing hopelessness, helplessness, and destruction in man’s futile efforts while completely missing out on the only real solution to all of our issues in life by Fully Relying On God.