For God So Loved

We have spent the past couple of months focusing our attention on the lovingkindness of the Lord. We have looked at several Scriptures in Psalms and other passages as well that have told us how wonderfully satisfying the lovingkindness of God is to those who draw close to Him and trust in Him to benefit from it. As we enter this special week of remembrance for every true believer, we are reminded of God’s manifestation and commendation of His great love in sending His only begotten Son to be the Saviour of the world. Passover began last night, which is when Jesus gave His final teachings to His disciples, instituted His Supper as a reminder of His body and blood that was sacrificed for our Salvation in the New Covenant. This week is the time when Jesus was betrayed, arrested, deserted, tried and convicted by paid off witnesses, condemned to death by pressure from a hate-filled mob, beaten, crucified on a cross by Roman soldiers, forsaken by God due to our sins being upon Him, and then He died as our sacrifice for sin. When we look at the crucifixion of Christ for our sins, we are seeing the magnitude of how wicked our sin is, how righteous and holy God is, and how much He loves us to be willing to give His Son to pay the debt of our sin. We see the love of the Saviour for the Father and for us as He went through all that He did to pay a debt of sin that He did not owe, even for many people who would reject it and never benefit from it personally. As you journey through this week into the celebration of Resurrection Sunday, please do not fail to consider and contemplate the great price that was paid in love for us on the cross in the suffering of Jesus for our sins. Take time to read Scripture that goes over the final days of Jesus’ life before His resurrection from the grave. Be reminded of the great love expressed to us by the incredible price paid for our sins. This week, many years ago, the lovingkindness of God for sinners like me and you was displayed in real life in the sacrifice paid by Jesus and paid to God the Father for us. Think about His great love!