Family & Friends!

Thank you for your faithfulness while we were gone on our family vacation. We had a blessed time seeing so much of my family on our journey and getting caught up with many friends from years ago back in Florida growing up and in Indiana from our ministry days two decades ago. Then we came home to see my sister and her daughter who flew in to see mom and help with her while we were away. And then to top off our family vacation month, Maegen and Jeff came up from Reno for the weekend. Why do we spend money and time to travel so far to see people? It is called relationship! God created us to be relational and the only healthy life for a human being is found is healthy relationships. God has given us much truth in the Scriptures regarding how to have healthy relationships with family and friends, as well as much about the destructiveness of unhealthy relationships. Our first relationship of priority is to be with the Lord by faith in Him personally and after that fill your life with as many healthy relationships as possible. Notice, however, I said healthy. Toxic relationships are just that “TOXIC”, and they suck life out of you. But healthy relationships are so beneficial, fruitful, and rewarding. We were blessed to see so many people in our family on this trip in Florida and Indiana. We were also blessed to see so many more friends that are still very close to us after so many years. You make time for those you love and those who love you. Each person that we saw and so many we were not able to see have been a vital part of our lives over the years. They have prayed for us, encouraged us, challenged us, supported us, blessed us, and taught us so many things through our relationship with them. That is what healthy relationships do for us. They feed into our lives and help us to be better people and God uses them to build us up for His glory. The richest people in the world are not the people with the most disposable income. The richest people in the world and those who have many healthy relationships in their lives with family and friends. The people we saw pray for us still today and we pray from them as well. That is what friends do, they care about each other and support each other in any way they can. Every one of us needs people in our lives that challenge us and feed into us to be better for God’s glory. If you do not have friends like that, then my advice to is to be that kind of friend to others and build those kinds of friendships to bless your life for years to come. We had another relationship opportunity that was a blessing as well this weekend at the Men and Boys Campout. Time together, investing in, and building healthy relationships is how we gain the wealth of healthy relationships in our lives. Live richly my friends!