There are not a whole lot of things that we have control over in life. I think this whole COVID-19 deal has helped us all see that fact very painfully. However, there are a few things that we do have a lot of control over and some of those things we have total control over. One of the main matters of our accountability to the Lord is also one of the main things that we have total control over and that is the matter of our faithfulness. We decide the things we dedicate ourselves to and the level of dedication we give to those things. It is our dedication to the thing that causes us to be faithful to whatever it might be. Our commitment to anything is our own choosing and the follow through of our commitment is based on our character, which is also somewhat our own making. Faithfulness in His children here on earth is blessed by God both now and in eternity at the Judgment Day. We decide for ourselves how faithful we will be and to what we will commit ourselves to in being faithful. We decide to get up in the morning and spend time with the Lord in prayer and in His Word. We decide to witness to our friends and loved ones. We decide how and if we speak truthful words to others and if we keep our word to others. We decide if we use our finances to pay our bills or if we use it selfishly for frivolous purposes.

We have control over how faithful we are and to what we are faithful to as we live life. We decide to be faithful to our God, our family, and our commitments. We determine our work ethic, our integrity, and our reliability. We do not control our health completely, but we do control taking care of ourselves in efforts to be healthy. We do not control all of the demands on our time, but we do control how we use our personal time. We do not control what our friends do, but we do control if we allow ourselves to be associated with what they are doing. We do not control what is broadcast on media outlets, but we do control the things we tune into and allow into our minds from those outlets. We decide if we use the gifts God has given to us in this life for our own benefit or for His glory and for doing His work on earth through us. Faithfulness is one of the main points of focus in our accountability to the Lord in the Final Judgement of His children. And that is something we have a lot of control over and we need to control well in order to prepare ourselves for our accountability to our Creator and our Saviour. How faithful are you being to your Lord in this COVID-19 situation that we are currently dealing with as the children of God?