Faithful, Wherever and However

If you are still here, God has a purpose for your life in His plan on earth. God is not done with you in his work here on earth as long as you are still here on earth. The place of your service in His plan may change and the function of your service may change, but His purpose of using your life for his glory in His work here on earth never changes. Our guest Missionary family is a great example of this. They previously served the Lord as faithful members in Bible Baptist Church in Everette, WA; during that time the Elshaug family were members there as well. Then God moved them to Tennessee, where they faithfully served in another place, in another church, and in other ministries. While faithfully serving the Lord there, God called them to serve Him in a totally different way in a totally different country and continent. However, God’s purpose of serving Him with the gifts and abilities He has given them for His glory to spread the gospel to all people all over the world has not changed for them and never will for any of us. God has a constant plan and purpose for all of His children that does not change until He takes us to Heaven to be with Him. While we are here on earth, He wants each and every one of His children exercising the spiritual gifts that He has given them in one of His churches fulfilling His mission on earth. This is a big part of our lives bringing God the glory He deserves through our lives lived out while we are living here on earth. Just like the Morris family who are continuing to serve the Lord just in a different way and a different place as Missionaries in the country of Ecuador, we all need to be faithful to serve the Lord obediently in the way God wants us to and in the place God wants us to be until He gives us His change of service location and way. But what should be consistent for us all is to let Him direct us, us be submitted to His will, and be faithful to do what He wants us to do in the place He wants us to be for His glory.