December 2020 Prayer Letter

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We are home. I preached our last service on Sunday December 13th; packed our things on Monday and
Tuesday we rented a van to drive to Rome, as the Naples airport closed due to the Virus restrictions.
Wednesday we flew into Istanbul Turkey with a 48 hour layover, so toured the city and enjoyed the sites.
Turkey has an interesting way of implementing restrictions – the citizens are restricted much as we
are in the states or even in Naples, but the city is wide open to tourists. Tourists and places that cater
to tourism were all open, so we… cautiously toured… On Friday we flew into Washington DC, spent
two nights with our friend (like family) Nancy Springer. Early Sunday morning we caught our last leg
into Boise where our son was waiting and made the final 3 hour drive home. Currently we
are home, resting, sleeping in our own bed and in quarantine. Seems funny to quarantine
after all the experiences and interactions we had through the traveling, but I think it’s better
to be cautious than regretful.

We give God the glory for all he has done for us and through us, the provisions, the comfort and
reassurance, and the safety and health through all the travels. After three trips to Bible Baptist Naples
we have friends like family there and have grown in our love for that ministry. I thank the Lord for
Pastor and Mrs. Olsen for their work there. Although we didn’t see them this time, we were in regular
contact via the phone with them. They plan on returning shortly after the first of the year and are currently
wrapping up their business in the States, with doctor appointments and family.

While in Naples I lost my phone to a pickpocket. While frustrating at the time, I can only blame myself for my
carelessness. We have been told many times to beware of that danger, but in our travels around there we
had never experienced it. In a moment of carelessness and without thinking about it I placed my phone in my
jacket pocket with the top of it exposed and as we moved through a crowd – it was gone. I told my kids not to
worry about it (as they were more angry about that than Deb or I were), and that the thieves had to eat too. It
is a lesson on attachments though, and where we place our trust. Currently I am waiting a new phone, so if
you have contacted me via phone in the last month that is why I haven’t returned your message.

It is a blessing to serve our Lord in this capacity, and we are honored to be at his beckoning. Lord bless and

Merry Christmas. Semper Fidelis
Brother John Martin