Compete In Christ

Colossians 2:10 “And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:”

Wholeness is something every human being is desiring and very few are experiencing in their lives. The fact is, according to the Bible, that true, soul level wholeness is only possible for the child of God and so many of them are not enjoying what is available to them in Jesus as their Saviour. The reality is that since we are created by God and created in the image of God then we cannot enjoy wholeness in our being apart from being one with our Creator. Sin broke our relational connection with God who created us for relationship with Him; therefore, we have a longing for wholeness that only He can provide for us. You may have heard, as I have, people using the analogy of a God shaped void in the life of every human being that only God can fill. This is a very accurate visual image of why so many people are not experiencing wholeness in their lives. We all know the fact of physics known as “horror vacui.” It states that “nature abhors a vacuum” and vacuums in nature must be and will be filled by something. This is partially how weather moves in creation with low-pressure and high-pressure weather fronts. This is also true theologically. This is why people pursue chemicals, sexual perversions, and destructive relationships and behaviors that bring them into so many different kinds of bondages in life. So many people are desperately trying to fill the emptiness in their soul with things that do not and will not satisfy their need; therefore, they become addicted to things and yet still feel empty inside. This emptiness can only truly and completely be filled satisfactorily by the Lord Himself. No one will ever find completeness in their existence, wholeness of being, or satisfaction in their inner most being apart from a personally, spiritual, literal, and intimate relationship with their Creator. This kind of relationship is only enjoyed and experienced by faith in Jesus Christ as our Saviour in the forgiveness of our sinfulness and the gift received of His righteousness to make us one with our Creator. This is the kind of relationship that Adam and Eve enjoyed and experienced with God in the Garden of Eden before they sinned against God, broke His holy law, and violated His sovereign authority as Creator. This is why Jesus left Heaven and came to earth in human form in order to right the wrong, which we live with the results of as humans every day. Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection make wholeness with God possible for us if we will receive it by faith in Him. Try as you may, you will never experience being complete without Christ. This is also why so many Christians mess up the wholeness they have available to them in Christ. We mess up what we have and do not enjoy what is possible by foolishly following the ways of the world and not being satisfied with living life God’s way. Follow Christ and not the base efforts of the world.