Our lives are made up of relationships. The quality of our lives is going to be dependent on the quality of our relationships. Even our eternal destiny is based on a relationship. If we live in relationship with God by being born into His family by faith, then we will live eternally with Him in Heaven. However, if we never come to faith in Him, then we will live through our time on earth in relationship with Satan, as part of his spiritual family, and then we will spend eternity with him in Hell. Even in an eternity with God in Heaven, our experience will be largely dependent on the quality of our relationship with God while we are here on earth. According to I Corinthians 3, the Apostle Paul records for us under inspiration of the Holy Spirit that our life as a child of God will be judged by the Lord for our faithfulness to Him and our rewards in Heaven will be based on the quality of our relationship with the Lord while on earth. Even in family relationships, the quality of our relationships is based on our communion together in relating to each other well. The word “communion” has the same root as the word “communication”, and they are directly connected for good relationships. Whether it is our relationship with family, God, or other people; the quality of our relationship is dependent on the quality of our communion and the quality of our communion is dependent on the quality of our communication. Our communication with God comes through our worship, prayer, His Word, and His Spirit in our soul. Our communication with our family and extended family also requires our engagement, our time, and our effort. We must invest ourselves in our relationships if they are going to be the quality that brings each of us fulfillment and God glory. Even in our church family, the quality of our relationships require investment on our part in the people around us. If you have not spent time with someone else in our church family lately, I want to encourage you to change that. If you have not reached out to communicate with others, I want to challenge you to fix that. If you do not usually take part in the social events of our ministry that are designed for relationship building, I want to exhort you to make it a priority to begin taking part and relating to others in your church family. Communion is the key to quality relationships!